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Safety is our top priority

Logistics solutions for sensitive products require extensive expertise and exacting reliability. As a partner to the chemical industry for decades, we have developed custom-made concepts for the procurement, distribution and disposal of liquid goods, both for standardised mass products and for highly sensitive special and fine chemicals.

Controlling logistics costs

Our large range of special vehicles allows us to offer innovative transport solutions for liquid goods. By using an individually optimised vehicle configuration for the application and type of goods required we can deliver a competitive advantage for your logistics system. Modern equipment and new-generation tank materials guarantee cost optimisation and reliability. We will find the right solution for you - be it using aluminium, V4A stainless steel or special materials with or without special coatings.


Safe handling of risks

Safety is our top priority. This applies to both the technology we use and to our staff. For many years now, we have used only vehicles with disc brakes and retarders (non-wearing engine brakes). For highly sensitive transport, we use vehicles with multiple, independently functional optical and acoustic safety systems. And it goes without saying that we use vehicles with driver assistance systems to ensure traffic safety.

For standard products, single- and multiple-chamber semi-trailer tankers made from V4A stainless steel with a capacity of up to 39,000 litres and jumbo vehicles with a capacity of up to 52,000 litres are available. These vehicles have been approved for the hazard categories 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9 and are equipped with a membrane, gear or sliding vane pump according to the viscosity of the product. We provide specially insulated and electrically heatable semi-trailer tankers and tank containers for transporting hot products.