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Special missions, special vehicles

Special tanker dispatch is coordinated by our branch in Gro├čenkneten. The special equipment we use has made us a reliable partner to the natural gas and oil industry in Northern Germany for decades.

Our highly specialised, modern vehicle fleet includes suction/pressure and pump vehicles, partially equipped with ejector pistons, for transporting viscous products or media with a high content of solids. All vehicles have an ADR permit for the hazardous goods categories 3, 5, 6, 8 and 9.

Special vehicle from the side

All vehicles are manufactured from V4A stainless steel and have rotary piston pumps or vacuum compressors for automatic loading and unloading. Mobile data-collection equipment allows the drivers to compile the transport documents and data sheets on site.

Special vehicle from behind

We regard the highest possible requirements with regard to technology and safety equipment as mandatory in this market segment.

So, for example, vehicles are equipped with electronic radar load level indicators, acoustic and visual overflow guards, pipe break closing devices and additional mechanical load level indicators and dry clutch systems.

In emergencies, we make this special equipment available to fire brigades and municipalities providing competent assistance.