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Difficult tasks require intelligent solutions

We are a medium-sized, family-managed company, and we are specialised in transporting and handling goods that pose logistical challenges. Our highly qualified and motivated employees and our innovative technology help us fulfil this task on a daily basis. We continuously use our experience and our competitive edge for the benefit of our customers.

client satisfaction

Focus on customer benefit

This maxim is both a commitment and an obligation. Adapting to the needs of our customers and offering flexible solutions are key components in achieving this goal. This is also reflected in our vehicle fleet which can deal with bulk, liquid or dry goods.

Building on over 70 years of logistics experience, we continue to develop and optimise our systems from an economic, technical and ecological point of view. Our activities are always centred on our customers. This focus on the customer benefit is the key to our success.


Our strength - solutions tailored to our customers

Every day we face new challenges on behalf of our customers. But every challenge has its peculiarities. It is our job to isolate the differences and to offer individual solutions. Irrespective of whether physical delivery of goods or an information interface is required, our goal is to ensure all systems are seamlessly integrated towards delivering high-quality logistics services.