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Customised solutions for bulk goods

Mann gesichert am Handlauf auf Silofahrzeug

Apart from transport solutions for packaged and liquid goods, we also offer vehicle capabilities for dry goods. Depending on the individual product characteristics, we offer special single-chamber silo vehicles with a capacity of up to 70 m3, made from aluminium or stainless steel (with an optional plastic lining). Weight-optimised vehicles offer volume and thus cost benefits for the procurement or distribution logistics of your granulates, powders, microbeads, etc.

Silofahrzeuge von Hinten

Logistics solutions with added value

We also develop custom-made solutions for dry goods in terms of the GGVSEB/ADR (German Hazardous Goods Ordinance for Road, Rail and Internal Waterway Traffic). These are tailored to meet your logistical challenges. Whether we are dealing with micro-air filters or special compressed air drying systems, an efficient supply chain is what we are both aiming at.

If unloading from above is an issue, we can deploy special unloading systems to deal with height challenges.