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Quality has been our tradition ... for more than 70 years

The quality of our transport and logistics services is the daily focus of both our customers and our staff. As part of our quality management system, management and all staff members must adhere to all current requirements and stipulated work procedures as a means of delivering on-going improvements of all operating processes.

Regular analyses compare nominal with actual conditions and define the corrections required. In doing so, special attention is paid to the quality requirements of our customers.

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Taking responsibility

The legal and customer-specific requirements for our company are constantly changing. It is our duty and at the same time our challenge to ensure these requirements are met, on time and with purpose. Our motto is "a little better every day" - to achieve this we regularly set new goals for the following aspects:

Always a competent partner

Delivering top quality services requires high skill levels. Therefore it is not enough we rest on our many years of experience - we invest in ongoing broadening of our skills base.

Building on experience - broadening skills

Doing the right thing at the right time gives us security as we minimise the effect of risks from the very beginning. This applies to both business areas and technical areas. Learning how to secure loads, traffic safety training and hazardous goods instruction are all part and parcel of our regular enhancement initiatives.

This specialised knowledge not only ensures we maintain our skills base, but also means we can deliver day-to-day support to our customers so they stay competitive within their supply chains.

Transport safety = customer security

Adherence to international standards and customised solutions - various national and international standards demonstrate the quality of our services.

We have had an in-house quality management system since 1996. Back then the DIN EN ISO 9000ff standard was in force. We have been successfully certified according to other standards during the course of the years and have extended certification to other service divisions. Our customers, for instance, can take advantage of our accredited internal tank cleaning and external vehicle washing facilities. The change to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard was successfully implemented in May 2009.

Our evaluation according to the recognised SQAS standard of the CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Association) serves as proof of our responsible attitude towards occupational health and safety, quality and environmental protection. Member companies can access the full evaluation at any time by visiting www.sqas.org. This is how we minimise risks and offer you the greatest possible reliability.

Since 1998, our company has also been a certified waste management company for collecting and transporting waste categories in terms of the AVV (German Ordinance Governing Waste Categories) - this means we are also your competent partner in all waste logistics matters.

Guaranteed quality

Maintaining service quality and keeping certificates up to date are an important part of our service on your behalf.