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Prevention and safety

Picture of the driving school

The handling of dangerous goods requires competent employees who are aware of the risk potential and the demands of these chemicals. Negligence can have fatal consequences. Therefore, the company relies on continuous training. The courses within the professional driver qualification law and regular ADR trainings take place in-house. A separate driving school allows flexibility. Further education is integrated into the work processes and special training courses deal specifically with the handling of the goods transported by the company.

Two instructors attend the drivers on a regular basis to review the skills they learned and, where applicable, to provide further training or to adapt to new requirements. This gives the driver the necessary security in dealing with the products to be transported and guarantees the customers a smooth supply chain.

Inside the driving school

Our driving school is not only available to our own staff, but also for you:

  • Driving licence training for beginners in categories A, B and CE
  • Advanced training for professional drivers according to the BKrFQG (German Act Governing the Qualifications of Professional Drivers)
  • Driver training according to the SQAS road directive
  • Individual monitoring as part of the Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS) program
  • Approved course organizer for dangerous goods drivers
  •    - initial training (except for classes 1 and 7)
       - advanced training

    A national television station (Kabel 1) has shot a reportage of our driving school and published it 2012 in the show "Abenteuer Leben" (Adventure Life) under the heading "Helden der Autobahn" (Highway Heroes).

    Here you can see the online version:
    Driving lesson in a 40-Ton-Truck - Part 1
    Driving lesson in a 40-Ton-Truck - Part 2
    Onset of winter on the A9 - Part 1
    Onset of winter on the A9 - Part 2