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Professional handling of your packaged goods

Conventional vehicle

LStandardised vehicles can no longer be seen as the answer for dealing with palletted goods. That is why we deploy a range of vehicle variants tailored to the most cost-efficient use. Payload, volume and special functions all play an important role in the choice of vehicle. And as always, the focus is on the customer benefit.


More volume for increased efficiency

For example, we use tandem or tridem lorry plus trailer combinations with a volume of up to 116 m3, an internal height of 3 metres and with a capacity for up to 38 Euro pallets or 30 industrial pallets.

In comparison with conventional articulated lorries, these lorry/trailer combinations offer additional space for pallets and are just as efficiently loaded and unloaded, as they have through-loading capability at loading platforms. This type of vehicle is also easier to manoeuvre, making it possible to deliver goods even in the event of restricted access. In addition, some vehicles also have their own hydraulic loading platform or carry a fork-lift.

Much of the goods we transport are hazardous goods in terms of the GGVSEB /ADR (German Hazardous Goods Ordinance Governing Road, Rail and Internal Waterway Traffic). Our vehicle fleet has accordingly been equipped to handle these sensitive goods. Our drivers are motivated and specially trained in handling hazardous goods and this goes to ensure both safety and professional handling.

We place great emphasis on having loads properly secured so they reach your customers in pristine condition. We keep ourselves fully up to date with regard to safety by giving our drivers regular training and via participation in working and expert groups within the industry.