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We have come to regard ourselves as specialists for hazardous goods!

With our vehicle fleet of over 90 tractor units, we can offer the highest possible transport quality on a day-to-day basis. Tankers for liquid goods make up the largest part of our fleet. This division also has the highest turnover, contributing some 75% to the total, followed by the division for conventional transport of packaged and temperature-controlled goods. Offering a broad range of services related to handling and transporting hazardous goods, we have been a reliable partner in chemicals logistics for several decades.

With our lean organisational structure, short decision-making processes and concentration of know-how at a central location, we have not only managed to prove our reliability as a special service provider to the chemical industry, but can also offer just-in-time services and a regular overnight service to ensure a smooth flow of goods day after day.

Taking responsibility for environmental conservation

We have consistently met the challenges posed by environmental conservation and climate protection. For years we have invested in the most modern vehicles and the latest engine technology. We analyse the flow of goods together with our customers, shifting transport from road to rail. This not only benefits the environment - it may also be a sensible economic decision. We also act responsibly when it comes to alternative energy sources and we use these whenever they are available to us. At our truck wash facilities and our tanker cleaning units we not only use environmentally compatible detergents but are also looking to deploy solar energy to produce the hot water. To this end we are currently focusing on the installation of a solar panel system.

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